Membership Drive To Help Shaston Club Survive Beyond Centenary Year

Robin Brickell is vice-president of The Shaston Club. Robin has been a member for fifty years. This Shaftesbury institution is celebrating its 100th birthday, but there are concerns that it won’t be open much longer.

Membership numbers have fallen recently, and the current restrictions are squeezing the club’s finances. The club is currently open just one day each week.

Robin Brickell, vice-president of The Shaston Club

Robin hopes that the club will attract more members. Anyone aged over 18 can join and the paperwork is available at the bar.

Launch of The Shaston Club 100 years ago.

Robin takes us on a tour of this spacious venue on Bleke Street. It is home to Shaftesbury’s only public snooker table and a vintage wooden dresser, designed to help players keep score during matches.