‘No One Ever Worked So Hard For Shaftesbury’ – Tributes Paid To Ray Humphries, MBE

The death of Ray Humphries, MBE, “has left the biggest void,” says Jenny Franks of Shaftesbury’s Carnival committee.

In our extended report, Alfred pays tribute to this hugely respected Shastonian, who passed away at the weekend.

Ray Humphries, MBE

Ray served as the town’s mayor twice and was made a Freeman of Shaftesbury. His friends Derek Beer, Tom Whiteford, Rob Neely and James Thrift share stories of Ray’s kindness and how he cared for the people of Shaftesbury. In 2011, Ray’s contribution to Shaftesbury was recognised with an MBE.

Ray Humphries, MBE with friends Rob Neely, James Thrift and Tom Whiteford

Shaftesbury Town Silver Band chairman Greg Lowe tells Alfred that Ray will be greatly missed by the band. And Carnival chairman Rich Mullins promises that Ray will never be forgotten by the organisation that he chaired for 37 years. Ray was made a patron of Carnival when he stepped down from the chairmanship.

Ray was also a trustee of Shaftesbury charity Hope, the William Williams charity and he had an active role in Shaftesbury in Bloom. His friends agree that Ray’s contribution to our town must be officially recognised.

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