Perfect Exposure For Talented Shaftesbury School Students

New Shaftesbury School headteacher Donna London-Hill says she’s excited by the school’s new student photography contest.

Donna is also committed to sharing news about school events and successes on social media. Locals may have noticed an increased frequency of posts about school activities since Donna took up her new role in January. “I want the community to know that Shaftesbury School is the best of the best, and that we are very mindful of the community in which we live,” said Donna.

Donna London-Hill

Donna is a keen photographer, but her decision to act a head judge in the students’ and parents’ photo contest is not just because of her interest in the hobby. “Photography tells you a little bit about the photographer, about their interests, their kind of attributes, what they look for,” she said.

In our interview, Donna talks about the three categories and how she hopes the public will be able to view the winning entries.