Shaftesbury Area Care Home Residents And Over 80s Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

Over 1,000 Shaftesbury area residents received the first of two coronavirus vaccinations yesterday.

Staff from Shaftesbury’s Abbey View Medical Centre and the Blackmore Vale GP practice vaccinated patients aged over eighty years, some pharmacy staff and several frontline health workers during the all-day session at the Sturminster Newton Medical Centre.

Residents and most of the staff at care homes in Shaftesbury and the Blackmore Vale also received their jabs.

Dr Simone Yule and Sara Froud of the Blackmore Vale GP partnership say the team managed to get six doses out of the vaccine containers, instead of five.

Jane Somper is the Dorset councillor for Compton Abbas and Melbury Abbas. She joined a group of volunteers helping yesterday. She says the atmosphere was ‘jolly’ with many patients pleased to receive the jab.