Shaftesbury Musician Reunited With Saxophone – Thanks To Kind Teenager

A Shaftesbury musician can’t believe his luck after a local teenager took care of his saxophone, which was accidentally left out overnight on Bimport.

ThisisAlfred spoke with Richard Quinton, who was full of praise for the civic-minded local. Richard travels down to Lymington to play with the town’s band. On Tuesday morning, he realised that he’d left his saxophone out on the street, all night long.

“I was unloading it from the car and I put it on the pavement. I went back to the car to do other stuff and pick up bits and pieces. I took them in and left the saxophone on the pavement,” said Richard. He’s owned the Saxophone for a long time. “I’ve had it for fifteen years. It’s a good one. It’s probably worth £4,500.”


Understandably, Richard didn’t think he’d see the saxophone again. “I did recollect exactly what happened but, of course, it wasn’t there when I came out. So I just really thought that was it.”

But luckily, 19-year-old Storm Rees-Dyer was walking along Bimport at around midnight. He saw the sax on the pavement and took it in for safekeeping. In the morning, Storm’s mother, Kim Rees, used social media to tell her friend Bella West about Storm’s discovery.

“His mum messaged me this morning to ask if I knew if anyone had lost one. So then I thought maybe Facebook could help out,” said Bella. She put a message on her personal Facebook page and, minutes later, Richard’s daughter telephoned ThisIsAlfred to ask if anyone had reported finding a saxophone. We were able to point Richard in Bella’s direction.

Bella says it’s another sign of Shaftesbury’s strong community spirit, as seen when locals tried to help Tony Hawkins locate his missing wallet. “It’s the same thing with the wallet a few weeks ago,” said Bella. “Everyone pulled together and it was found. I think there is that in Shaftesbury.”

Richard won’t need the instrument for a few months, until his next gig. “Well not till probably the spring now.” But he jokes that he won’t let the saxophone out of his sight in the future. “I won’t now. No!” he said, echoing Bella’s comment. “In Shaftesbury, people are very nice.”

Storm’s mum Kim Rees is delighted. “I’m so proud of my son and so pleased that we found the owner,” she said.