Shaftesbury Primary School Head Says His Team Is Prepared For Pupils’ Safe Return

Shaftesbury Primary School headteacher Paul Lavis says that his team has worked hard to make sure that pupils and staff are safe when lessons for some youngsters restart next week.

But things will be different for Reception pupils who go back on Tuesday, and Years 1 and 6 children who return on Wednesday. The times of the school day and lunch arrangements will be altered, and pupils will be encouraged to only mix with friends and classmates from within their ‘bubble’. In our Alfred Daily interview, Paul tells us how that will work in practice.

The Wincombe Lane site has remained open during the lockdown, acting as a ‘hub’ looking after key workers’ children from several Shaftesbury-area schools. Paul pays tribute to his team, many of whom have worked tirelessly since February. Parents have been supported by staff who have produced home-schooling materials.

In our extended Alfred Daily interview, Paul explains why he believes that children should now return to school. He doesn’t expect all parents will want their kids to go back when lessons restart because of worries about the virus. Paul is confident that his team has done the best they can do. “I wouldn’t open the school if I didn’t think the risk was low enough for us to be back in it,” Paul added.

Hear the full interview on Thursday’s Alfred Daily – click the audio link below to listen and go to 6:59.