Shaftesbury’s Marathon Man – Former Christy’s School PE Head Geoff Wakeford

Former Christy’s School head of PE Geoff Wakeford took the phone off the hook in his Coppice Street apartment this morning.

Geoff has been watching the London Marathon. At the age of 80, he feels that he can’t take part anymore. But he is proud of the medals which prove his previous participation, completing 14 marathons, including three races in the capital.

Geoff Wakeford

Geoff reckons he’s covered around 15,000 miles in his 20-year running career. In one year, he completed four marathons.

He left Christy’s school in the 1960s and completed his teaching career in the Midlands and Mid Wales. But he’s returned to live in our town at Hardy Lodge on Coppice Street. He shares some school and race-day memories with Alfred.