Shoppers Flock To Help Woman Following Four-Car Incident In Shaftesbury

Onlookers rushed to help a pedestrian who became stuck between two parked cars on the High Street this morning.

At around 11.30am, a Volvo, which was in a parking space outside HSBC bank, moved in reverse and collided with the car in the space behind it. The impact forced the three parked vehicles together.

Semley resident Karen Janes was coming out of the bank and witnessed the incident. “We didn’t immediately realise that a lady, who was crossing the street, had become trapped between two of the vehicles. Fortunately, she didn’t seem badly hurt. But it was quite a scary experience,” said Karen.

Karen says a number of passers-by stopped to help. “I think there was an immediate reaction. One lady was with her in an instance and managed to help her get her leg out from between the two cars. We stopped and called the ambulance and the police. The police came pretty promptly. There was definitely the feeling of people trying to help. I think the police were very good.”

A Dorset Police officer was on the scene in around ten minutes and a colleague joined him minutes later. The police spoke to the man who had waited in the Volvo for officers to arrive. They comforted the woman before taking her to Shaftesbury hospital for checks.

Andy Roger also stayed to help. “It was good to see people stopping and taking the time to support the lady,” said Andy, adding, “She was very lucky not to be more seriously hurt, I think.”

When Shaftesbury resident Ken Adams returned to his Land Rover Defender, he found his vehicle tightly wedged between two cars and impossible to manoeuvre out of the parking space. “I thought the first car was parked a little bit close. I got in there without a problem but then when I saw the second one at the back, I thought, ‘I haven’t done that’.”


Ken said that he wasn’t in a hurry. He was philosophical and told us that ‘stuff happens’. Ken had come to town to visit the travel agents so he could book a holiday to Perth, Australia. He says he will be glad to get away. “Tell me about it,” he smiled.