North Dorset Nature – Episode 12

Our weekly programme devoted to wildlife in Shaftesbury and the villages. This week’s North Dorset Nature is presented by Dee Abbott.

On this week’s show:

  • Natalie Bourchier amazes us with her account of an expedition along with Motcombe-based explorer Col John Blashford-Snell. She rides on elephant back into the Nepalese forest in search of the fabled mammoth.
  • Nick Crump chats to Mariko Whyte about the fascinating life of the red-tailed mason bee. It has very specific requirements for nest building – it only uses certain types of empty snail shells and is very thorough in how it selects and hides each shell when it has laid its eggs.
  • Alexandra Richards tells us about the Churchyard Count Survey and visits St James’s Church in Shaftesbury, where she talks to church warden Bill Walsh. She finds out how Bill manages the church land with the needs of wildlife in mind.
  • Alex Chapman, founder of the Shaftesbury Bird and Wildlife Group, recalls a very special wildlife encounter in the tropical waters of Brazil and his favourite place to experience nature in Shaftesbury.