North Dorset Nature – Episode 18

Our weekly programme devoted to wildlife in Shaftesbury and the villages, presented by Dee Abbott. 

On this week’s show:

  • Mariko Whyte completes her 30-day challenge of wildlife-related activity every day for one month. After a day in the countryside, Mariko does something unusual with her boots – she scraped off the seeds and grasses collected on her footwear from a day of walking across grassland. Mariko planted the seeds to boost biodiversity in her garden. She’s expecting some birds foot trefoil and potentially some other floral species.
  • Following on with an insect theme, another striped, winged insect features. This time, the insect in question is not cherished like the honeybee. It is probably the country’s most hated! We’re off to Motcombe where Ben Hussey and Natalie Bourchier try their best to sway opinion and highlight how important and diverse these insects are.
  • Marilyn Morris enlists Mariko’s help to confirm the identity of a metallic green and black beetle that is munching away on her small alder tree at her house between Shaftesbury and Gillingham. Once considered rare, it has recently made a successful comeback.
  • Nick chats to Mariko Whyte about the life cycle of the pipistrelle bat in Nick’s Breach Lane garden, where there is a healthy maternity roost of bats. The males have been waiting to mate in the autumn. After that, all the bats hibernate in small groups inside gaps in buildings and cracks in trees.
  • Dee Abbott features two local events – ‘Eco Collapse’ and a talk about how to support and encourage hedgehogs in our town and gardens.