North Dorset Nature – Episode 27

Our weekly programme devoted to wildlife in Shaftesbury and the villages, presented by Dee Abbott. 

On this week’s show:

  • Nick Crump chats to Mariko Whyte about the hemi-parasitic plant red bartsia. This annual is found on rough ground and road verges. It also has its own solitary bee, the red bartsia bee, which is totally dependent on the flower pollen to feed the larvae.
  • North Dorset Nature Quiz – set by quizmaster Mary Myers from her Wardour smallholding. Test your local wildlife knowledge. Answers given at the end of the show.
  • Ben Hussey and Natalie Bourchier take a closer look at another under-appreciated creature, the humble spider. Why do we see so many 8-legged critters at this time of year? And why are some people so afraid of them?
  • In advance of this month’s Shaftesbury Tree Festival, Alexandra Richards takes an in-depth look at England’s most iconic tree – the oak. Which words spring to mind when you think of an oak tree?