North Dorset Nature – Episode 34

Our weekly programme devoted to wildlife in Shaftesbury and the villages, presented by Dee Abbott.

On this week’s show:

  • Mary Myers visits Ghost Owl’s Wood in Hartgrove. She speaks with Mike and Barbara Humphreys about planting a woodland from scratch. They were part-funded by MOREWoods, a Woodland Trust scheme designed to create new habitat for wildlife across the UK.
  • Amber Harrison and Karen Brazier of Folde bookshop in Shaftesbury review one of their favourite nature-inspired books, ‘The Lost Spells’ by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane.
  • Nick Crump chats to Tom Perrit about a member of the thrush family. These large, beautiful birds are sociable animals that stand very upright and move with sprightly hops. Its distinctive rattling call – a furious chatter – makes it thoroughly enjoyable to watch.