North Dorset Nature – Episode 6

Dee Abbott presents episode 6 of Alfred’s weekly North Dorset Nature programme.

On this week’s programme:

  • Nick Crump chats to Mariko Whyte about the life of the dronefly, describing what they look like and how they mimic bees. They are part of the hover fly family, and can be seen hovering perfectly stabilised in the air, but dart off very fast to scare away any other flying insect that comes near. The flies have a fascinating breathing tube in the larval stage, like a snorkel to breathe whilst under water.
  • Tom Perrett takes us on a short nature walk, where he describes the birds he spots and records their melodious songs.
  • Following a close encounter involving their flock of sheep, Natalie Bourchier and Ben Hussey explore the conflicts between wildlife and farming. They highlight the pressures that impact farmers and how a revolutionary wave of new practices could shape the future of British farming.
  • Robin George of Dorset Butterfly Conservation is back to tell us what to look out for this month, and announces a beginners butterfly identification event on Fontmell Down.