North Dorset Nature – Episode 7

Listen to the latest edition of Alfred’s weekly North Dorset Nature programme, presented by Dee Abbott.

On this week’s show:

  • Our Natural World – Edward Parker is executive director of the Springhead Trust in Fontmell Magna. He tells Alfred about his favourite places to enjoy nature – worldwide and locally. Edward is passionate about Fontmell Down’s ‘dramatic sweeping examples of downland grassland habitats’. A published author and photographer who has travelled the world, Edward shares one of his most memorable wildlife moments from his career as an environmental photojournalist. “I was spending time with specialists who were tracking golden lion tamarins in remnants of Atlantic rainforest in Brazil,” he explains.
  • Mariko Whyte talks with expert botanist Dave Green about the Wiltshire Botanical Society. Dave lists the seven seasonal species that you can look out for in 2021. They include ivy-leaved speedwell, which can been seen on Shaftesbury’s Gold Hill.
  • Nick Crump joins Tom Perrett in Ashmore Woods, an ideal place to spot raptors. You’ll hear the men discuss the common buzzard. Buzzards skilfully controlling the thermals when they fly. You will learn about their colour variations and how to recognise the buzzard by their wing and tail shape. They have far reaching hunting territories, which they share with other raptors but are aggressively territorial near their nest. You’ll hear a recording of an adult buzzard with their young crying out for food.