North Dorset Nature – Episode 9

Listen to our weekly programme devoted to Wildlife in Shaftesbury and the villages. North Dorset Nature is presented by Dee Abbott.

On this week’s show:

  • NO MOW MAY – Dee Abott tells us about Plantlife’s ‘No Mow May’ campaign, where doing less helps wildlife. Simply lock up your lawnmower for the month of May and let the wild flowers in your lawn bloom until the end of the month, providing a feast of nectar for our hungry pollinators.
  • SHAFTESBURY SWIFT GROUP – The swifts are back, and the Shaftesbury Swift Group are encouraging you to look up and take notice of these amazing birds as they soar over our towns and villages.
  • WILD ENCOUNTERS – BADGERS – Due to increased Spring activity, badgers are becoming a common sight on the farm, so Ben Hussey and Natalie Bourchier take a look at their role in our environment, as well as their weird and wonderful habits.
  • OUR NATURAL WORLD – Nature writer and former Shaftesbury resident Brigit Strawbridge Howard tells us about her favourite place to enjoy nature just minutes from where she used to live on French Mill Lane and her most memorable wildlife moment from her time in Shaftesbury.
  • CREATURE FEATURE – Nick Crump chats to Tom Perrett in Duncliffe Woods about the greater spotted woodpecker. They discuss the special skull adaption and coiled tongue that help protect the brain from the drumming action, the importance of dead wood and trees, plus their mostly carnivorous diet. Our report includes a recording of the drumming sound of the woodpecker at the end.