North Dorset Nature – From Alfred – Episode 3

Join us for this week’s edition of Alfred’s North Dorset Nature show.

Barn owls by Nick Crump

On this week’s programme:

  • Nick Crump is acting as foster parent to an ailing hedgehog. We find out if his hedgehog is still in hibernation.
  • Dee Abbott chats to Brian Bleese from Dorset Wildlife Trust about the reintroduction of beavers to Dorset.
  • We head to Motcombe, where Ben Hussey and Natalie Bourchier look into the fascinating life cycles and behavioural traits of Britain’s three newt species. They possess the ‘superhuman’ ability to regrow organs as well as limbs.
  • Listen in to a virtual round table discussion, where our regular wildlife reporters recall their most memorable wildlife encounters. Nick speaks about his barn owl experience (pictured in this post).
  • Nick Crump chats with Mariko Whyte about the intriguing life cycle of the oil beetle and its total dependence on solitary bee nests.