North Dorset Nature – From Alfred – Episode 4

Join us for this week’s edition of Alfred’s North Dorset Nature show.

Mink in Motcombe

On this week’s programme:

  • Nick Crump chats to Brigit Strawbridge Howard about the fascinating life cycle of the hairy footed flower bee and the location of a stretch of wall known locally as ‘bee wall’. A form of cuckoo bee also lives here and uses the hairy footed flower bee nests to rear its own young! (1:48)
  • A surprise sighting of a pair of American mink in Motcombe has prompted Natalie and Ben to look into the controversies of invasive species across the British Isles. Is culling the answer? Or should nature be left to take its course? Difficult questions with even trickier answers. (17:20)
  • Nick Crump updates us on the hedgehog in his care, she is still in hibernation, so he tells us more about the life of the hedgehog general. (28:49)
  • Donhead St Mary novelist Christopher Nicholson tells us about his favourite local wild place. (36:30)
  • Mariko Whyte talks to Catherine Simmonds of the Shaftesbury Swift Group and finds out about swift colonies in the local area, the group’s plans for the year ahead and how people can get involved. (38:09)