Hundreds Of Locals Support Shaftesbury FC At Their Biggest Game In 112 Years

Hundreds of locals watched Shaftesbury FC play an historic FA Cup quarter two qualifier against Bath City FC yesterday.

Shaftesbury played well, despite fielding a first team missing several key players. The Rockies’ strong defence meant the game was goalless until the 86th minute, when a Bath City FC player’s header brought the visitors victory. The final score was Shaftesbury 0, Bath City FC 1.

This important fixture attracted regular supporters. Dozens of locals who don’t normally follow football also turned out in support of the Rockies. They understood the significance of the game – it was the highest position that Shaftesbury FC has reached in the FA cup competition in 112 years.

Natalie Evans of JD Joinery has never been to a football match before. Her business sponsored the match ball. “It’s a great way to give a bit back, in a small way,” says Natalie.

In our report, you’ll hear Alfred’s Mary Drury speak with proud parents of players and the match mascots. Mary interviews some Shaftesbury Ladies FC players too. And you’ll hear the post-game reaction from chairman Steve Coffen, director Nick Crane and manager Ollie Cherrett. The three men are proud of what the Rockies achieved in playing Bath City, a club three leagues above.