Guests Flock To Shaftesbury Shepherd Huts For Summer Staycations

Shaftesbury was once at the centre of the shepherd hut manufacturing industry. Now, these self-contained accommodation units are proving highly popular amongst overseas visitors and staycationers.

Alfred discovered that most shepherd huts in the Shaftesbury area are booked up throughout the summer.

Shepherd hut at Berwick St John

In our report, we talk with three local owners – Jonathan Purssell of Angel’s Hut in West Melbury, Richard Sparkes, who has The Shepherd’s Hut in Berwick St John and Tim Kerridge of The Old Forge in Compton Abbas.

Hut in West Melbury

Listen at 10:52 on today’s programme, where the men tell us how quickly their available nights have been snapped up.