England’s Third Largest Fringe Festival Has Begun In Shaftesbury

The third Shaftesbury Fringe Festival has opened this lunchtime and this year’s event is the biggest to date.

Shaftesbury Fringe is now England’s third largest fringe event, after Manchester and Brighton.

Shaftesbury residents and visitors will be able to choose from more than 150 performances over the three days of Fringe.

Natalie Evans

This year’s shows range from comedy, poetry and drama to meditation and all forms of music – from choirs to classical, rock to folk and show tunes to country.

The Fringe HQ, inside Shaftesbury Town Hall, will be open over the weekend for up-to-date information about the performances.

This year, the Fringe committee will be asking attendees to complete a survey too. Responses will provide valuable information for planning next year’s event.

Keri Jones spoke with Co-Chair Natalie Evans. He started by asking Nat whether she had expected Shaftesbury Fringe to become so big.