First ‘Jumble Trail’ Should Fill Estate Streets With Bargains

If you love bargain hunting then Indus Road looks like the place to shop between 10am and 2pm on Sunday 29th July. It is currently the Shaftesbury street with the most homes registered for the town’s first ‘Jumble Trail’. But that could change as residents of different areas sign up to take part in this community buying and selling event.

“They have run a Dorchester Jumble Trail for the past four years,” explained organiser Jade Salkeld. “It’s like a car boot sale but everybody does it from his or her home address. You follow the path around on a map and buy and sell as you go,” Jade said.

Organiser Jade Salkeld

Jade found the concept appealing because of the variety of things that can be sold on driveways or in front gardens. “It wasn’t just the selling of bric-a-brac and jumble. People bake items. They were selling their own eggs from their hens. Residents had put bunting up and dressed their premises. It looked quite cute. It was community-based and I thought that was quite appealing for Shaftesbury because this is a smaller town and you get to know people a bit better,” Jade explained.

Jade is a part time artist and she’s hoping that fellow creative locals will sell their work outside their homes, too. “Any budding artist who might want to sell their own home-made crafts, paintings or pictures can do that easily with a Jumble Trail,” Jade said. “There seem to be a lot of people who ‘up cycle’ items. There are also lots of keen gardeners who might have surplus seedlings and plants that they might like to sell,” she added.

The map Jade has produced is the key to successful shopping or a lucrative day of selling. Jade is focussing her trail on the eastern side of Christy’s Lane but if there’s interest from other parts of town, she’d consider extending the route. “If we had a lot of interest, I could expand the area. Initially I am going to concentrate on my local area,” Jade said.

Jade moved into the area in November and she’s hoping that the Jumble Trail will help fellow newcomers forge friendships. “As the neighbourhood is a fairly large estate, I’d like people to have a bit more of a sense of community and responsibility for the area,” Jade said. “There’s lots of children with families and I guess it would be nice for it to feel a little more homely.”

There is no limit to the number of households that can register. There is only one rule. “There can’t be any illegal items,” laughed Jade.

Jade has distributed sign-up forms for people who want to take part. If you didn’t get one, you’re encouraged to message her on Facebook. Search for her Shaftesbury Jumble Trail event page. You’ll also find a link from that page to Jade’s Google map, which lists all of the addresses that are registered so far.

“Once they’ve handed the form in, they can submit £2, which covers the cost of the advertising. On the day, they will get a balloon to show that the house is involved and a poster for the window,” said Jade.

If all goes well, Jade says that she hopes that this could become an annual event. The first Jumble Trail takes place between 10am and 2pm on Sunday 29thJuly.