Shaftesbury Poet To Share Her Observations In Debut Fringe Show

A Shaftesbury resident will perform her poetry in public for the first time at Shaftesbury Fringe this July.

Marigold Rumble’s work has been inspired by her years of experience in volunteering locally and as ThisIsAlfred discovered, the writer has won several poetry competitions.

“I just take inspiration from things that happen, situations and people,” said Marigold, who describes herself as ‘a traditional sort of poet’. “It’s quite simple poetry. There’s nothing deep and meaningful about it.”

Marigold believes that everybody attending her show will find at least one poem that they can relate to, because of the breadth of her material. “It’s fun when something just strikes me,” she said, adding that she is always looking for subjects for her work.

“There’s one poem that I wrote, which I’m very fond of. It was written around Mothering Sunday. Many years ago Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield did a programme of sketches. Paul Whitehouse was running along a path wearing a jogging outfit with a woolly hat on. He started the programme every week with ‘mothers are great!’ That’s how that particular poem started,” Marigold explained. As you might expect, Marigold reckons that mums will relate to that piece.

Marigold Rumble

Marigold says that she is immersed in Shaftesbury community activities and that is one of the reasons why she wanted to perform at Shaftesbury Fringe. Some of the groups and clubs that she is involved with will be reflected in the poems that she will present. “I have sung in choirs for years. I am a flower arranger too and some of my poems are directed at that,” she said.

You won’t hear Marigold talk about the scenery, though. She has not been inspired to write about Shaftesbury’s beautiful setting. “Not at all. It’s all about experiences,” she says.

Marigold returned to writing poetry after a 30-year gap. She had enjoyed writing poetry as a schoolgirl. “One poem that I wrote was published in my school magazine when I was 15,” said Marigold, who added that she has kept a copy to this day.

She enjoyed further success after picking up her pen again. “I entered a competition in a craft magazine. Many months later I was on holiday in Menorca and I opened the current issue of the magazine and there it was on the front page. I had won the competition and they hadn’t told me! I didn’t have a clue! It was a limerick,” said Marigold. “Then I went in for a competition arranged by Beaton’s Tea Rooms in Tisbury. They asked for a poem about the tearooms and I won that.”

Sadly, Marigold couldn’t attend Beaton’s special event. “Unfortunately I couldn’t perform it. They put on a wonderful tea as an award ceremony but my husband and I were on a cruise.”

Marigold doesn’t know how many poems she will include in her hour-long performance. She has not yet put her set list together, but she’s looking forward to the show. “I really am. I am getting a bit nervous,” she laughed.

Admission to the performance is free but Marigold will be holding a collection for the Children’s Society. She is also considering publishing her poems sometime in the future. “I could do it for charity or the church. I’m quite a fundraiser, where I can,” she said.

Marigold Rumble performs ‘Memories And Moments In Time’ at the Grosvenor Arms Hotel at 12 noon on Saturday, 6th July as part of Shaftesbury Fringe. The Fringe weekend runs between 5th and 7th of July. Registration for performers closes on 4th May. For more information visit