A Mini-Sainsbury’s Store Being Considered For The Bell Street Supermarket Project

Owners Richard and Kelsie Whittemore have launched a survey to determine which national retailers’ products will be available.

Richard says prices at the convenience store will be comparable with larger supermarkets. He expects locals to be able to do their weekly shop at the town centre premises. The Whittemore’s will also commit a significant percentage of shelf space to local, independent producers, as you’ll hear in our report.

New owner Richard Whittemore

Alfred send Richard and Kelsie residents’ suggestions for the business. They read each message yesterday afternoon. In our interview, you’ll hear their thoughts on locals’ suggestions for the rest of the development. Ideas discussed included a live music venue, a ‘Nandos’ restaurant, an arcade of pop-up shops and a repair shop.

Paper copies of the survey will be available from the TIC on Bell Street.