Bigger Retail Space And Affordable Flats Promised By Bell Street Supermarket Owner

The owners of the Bell Street supermarket say they hope to be trading before Christmas.

Richard and Kelsie Whittemore were disappointed when Sainsbury’s pulled out of the wholesale market. It means their new store cannot stock Sainsbury’s products now. But Kelsie says they are in discussions with alternative providers and remain committed to 20% of shelf space being given over to local produce.

Richard and Kelsie Whittemore

The huge support shown for this project has encouraged the team to rethink the store plans. Operations manager Ian Watmore says the retail space will be bigger.

Inside the new garage space

Richard Whittemore talks about work to create a town centre car workshop and a retail space which will be available for rent. He also hopes to build flats on the first floor and promises they will be available for locals to rent affordably.