Delight As Shaftesbury’s Tesco Reverses Decision On Animal Charity Collection

Supporters of a North Dorset cat charity are ‘over the moon’ with Shaftesbury Tesco’s decision to reinstate pet food collections in store.

Customers had been able to buy food and drop it off at instore collection bins, but on Wednesday, this collection facility was removed. Shaftesbury resident Sue Coleman told Alfred that the Cats at the Mill animal shelter at Silton relies on these donations.

Tesco staff told Sue animal charities would no longer be supported. “I cannot understand what their problem is,” Sue said.

Alfred contacted Tesco’s national press office. Following an email exchange, Shaftesbury Tesco’s manager got in touch. He said that he had liaised with head office following Alfred’s emails and had clarified what was allowed. The drop-off is now back in store and the manager has donated some pet food to make up for lost donations.