Not Just A Group Of Moaning Men – How Shaftesbury’s Chamber Of Commerce Has Changed

Shaftesbury’s Chamber of Commerce held its annual general meeting last Thursday, and the group is keen to explain how much it has changed recently.

Chair Virginia Edwyn-Jones says half of the committee are now women, and the ethos is about getting things done rather than moaning. “I’ll be honest,” said Virginia. “When I first started going to the Chamber of Commerce, there were a lot of blokes going off on a rant.”

The newly renamed ‘Shaftesbury Business Community’

Over the coming months, the Chamber will start describing itself as the ‘Shaftesbury Business Community’. It’s part of a move to appear less formal and more collaborative. And the Chamber hopes to connect new businesses with existing Chamber members who are prepared to share their expertise in a particular field, such as cash flow, marketing, or social media.

In our report, you’ll hear Chamber president Tony Morgan, who was impressed by this new vision. “They really are determined to make the Chamber work to try to bring in more members and promote the town because that’s their job.”

Virginia says there is just one empty shop unit that is not currently under offer. And she tells Alfred how she has tried to rectify this.