Shaftesbury Area Beauty Products Featured In Major Summer Movie

A Ludwell businesswoman’s products have been featured in one of 2019’s most critically acclaimed movies. Now Jemma Ricketts of Enchanted Plants is hoping that exposure from the film ‘Yesterday’ will boost her online skin care product sales.

‘Yesterday’ is a new film from legendary director Danny Boyle and also screenwriter Richard Curtis, of ‘Love Actually’ and ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ fame. “It seems to be really popular. A lot of people have seen it and said they love it. It is a British feel-good classic comedy,” said Jemma.

The movie tells the story of a struggling musician who, following an accident, discovers that he is the only person who remembers The Beatles. He finds fame by performing their songs and taking credit for them.

Jemma Ricketts

Last year, one of the movie’s production crew contacted Jemma. “A very nice customer called Emma, who’s quite a regular, said she would like to have some products for a film. I thought nothing more of it at the time,” said Jemma, who said she assumed it would be a low budget flick. “I thought it might be a small film or some arty thing not everybody would hear about. When I saw her more recently, she said that the film was going ahead.”

You might expect movie production staff to request free product as a trade-off for exposure and publicity in the film. “I quite expected that to be the case. I would gratefully have supported that, but she said, ‘we’ve got a budget and we would like to support you’. She came in a couple of times, they had to reshoot something, and she bought more product,” said Jemma.

Eagled-eyed viewers should look out for Jemma’s facial oil in the film. “My products are on (actress) Lily James’ bedroom dressing table. It is something that everybody has got to try and spot.”

Jemma completed her degree in Health Science and Medicinal Plants and then used her specialist knowledge to launch a Dorset-based organic skincare and soap manufacturing business back in 2006. She operated from Shaftesbury town centre for years, but recently switched to working from her home workshop, just before baby Tabitha, a sister to three-year-old Olivia, arrived six weeks ago.

Jemma hasn’t had time to see the film, yet. “It’s been a busy, but a very lovely, time. We’re trying to enjoy it in between trips to the post office and wrapping up soaps and skincare. We’re managing so far,” smiled Jemma.

And she has received a positive response to her social media posts about her movie inclusion. “I really didn’t think it could go unsaid. We’ve had some lovely feedback from people who have watched the film and who are now kicking themselves that they hadn’t looked for the product. Even my aunty in Atlanta went to see it last week and she said that, if she had known, she would have kept an eye out for it.”

Jemma is anticipating enquiries about her facial oils featured in the film. “I’m hoping that a little association like that might spur somebody to go online and have a look. It would be a nice thing,” she said.

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