Shaftesbury Council Object To Redrow’s Delayed Payment Request – Builder ‘Steadily Moved Away From What They Agreed’

Redrow was expected to pay £600,000 towards community education, highways and NHS projects before they started work on their new housing estate alongside the A350 at Littledown.

The ‘section 106’ contribution recognises the additional pressure that Redrow’s 170 home Littledown development will place on Shaftesbury’s infrastructure. They have not transferred the funds to the local authority. Redrow say they’ve been affected by the coronavirus lockdown and want to defer payments until 30% of their new homes are occupied.

Last night, Shaftesbury Town councillors voiced their opinions that Redrow had not done what they said they would do.

In our report, you’ll hear Planning Committee chairman Cllr John Lewer list the ‘large number of concerns about the departures from the spirit and the word of the agreement that was given’.

Although Dorset Council will have the final say, Shaftesbury Town Council has sent a clear message. They are unhappy with Redrow and feel the developer should not receive special consideration.

Listen to our report at 1:20.