Shaftesbury Designer Offering Sustainable Christmas Tips

A Shaftesbury designer will show you how to cut Christmas gift and decoration costs and add creative sparkle.

Georgie Faulkner Bryant is hosting workshops in sustainable home styling. And she’s revealing how to reduce post-Christmas recycling with reusable wrapping paper. “There’s nothing worse than seeing the children tearing all this paper up on Christmas Day and creating a mountain of rubbish. But it’s not really rubbish. It’s all beautiful paper,” said Georgie.

Since opening ‘Decor by Georgie’ in August, the use of exotic textiles has helped her Salisbury Street shop stand out on misty autumn days. And her colours have caught the attention of TV presenter Kirstie Allsopp once again. Georgie’s bunting and decorations will feature in another series of ‘Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas’, airing on Channel 4 next month.

Georgie’s sessions on adding a new sparkle to old clothes have proved popular and they’ll continue into 2019. “So many people have a favourite cardigan, skirt or dress but they have worn it quite a few times and they need to update it and make it a bit more interesting. We will have lots of those sessions,” said Georgie.

Traditional craft skills are no longer being taught in some schools and Georgie says that people don’t know how to make, do and mend. She’ll address that in future workshops. “It is a problem. A lot of clothes go to the recycling centre because they are just missing a button. People don’t know how to sew one on. I will run workshops where people can pick up simple techniques.”

You can book the sessions by calling into the shop or through the Shaftesbury Stitch and Bling Facebook group.

Georgie is hosting some less formal events in tandem with the structured workshops. “We are doing a drop-in every Tuesday morning, between 10am and 12noon. People can call in whenever they like. They can bring a project or we can show them how to make things here. That’s free. The paid-for workshops run each Thursday night between 7pm and 9pm and they cost £25 per head. We will focus on a specific thing each time.”

Georgie says booking is advisable because space is limited. “I can take up to eight in the shop, but I can run workshops out on the road and in people’s houses. One company has booked a private workshop and a works party here. They’ll be making beautiful Christmas decorations,” she said.