New Roles At Shaftesbury Carnival Herald An ‘Inclusive’ Approach

There will be some new developments at Shaftesbury Carnival this year. A new role has been created in the spirit of inclusivity. Alfred spoke with Co-Chairman Rich Mullins about the changes and met the town’s first-ever Carnival Prince.

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Shaftesbury Environmental Campaigners Plan Three-Day ‘Pilgrimage’ To The Coast

A Shaftesbury environmental action group is planning a three-day walk to Studland to protest about fracking and oil-drilling.

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The Hi-Tech Table Helping Shaftesbury Residents Who Have Dementia

You’ll be invited to play with a new interactive games machine when Tricuro’s Shaftesbury Day Centre opens its doors on Wednesday (4th September). Alfred went to see how the latest technology provides more than just entertainment for Trinity Centre regulars.

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Shaftesbury Carnival Launches New Award For Clever Thinking

Shaftesbury Carnival entrants have a new incentive for coming up with clever entries. A new award is being offered for ‘The Most Original Interpretation of a Theme’.

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Shaftesbury Area Drama Students Excel In Acting Exams

The acting talent of Shaftesbury area youngsters has been recognised with impressive exam results. All sixteen students enrolled on a new LAMDA course at Wincombe Business Park-based TLW Dance Academy gained a distinction in their solo acting assessments.

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Shaftesbury Youth Projects Are Being Offered Grants But You Need To Be Quick

If you have a community project that helps young people in the Shaftesbury area you’re being invited to apply for cash.

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Matt And Steve Appleby Present The Carnival Show – Episode 8

Matt and Steve Appleby  present a special episode of the Alfred Carnival Show from the Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show.

Shaftesbury School Friends Launch Mental Health Support Network With A Mini-Movie

A short film which aims to encourage a better understanding of mental health has been made in Shaftesbury. It will be screened at a social evening arranged by Headstrong, a support group formed by three men who became friends at Shaftesbury school.

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Dorset Council to Decide On Car Wash Following Shaftesbury Council Deadlock

A proposed hand car wash at Shaftesbury Football Club has split opinion on the Town Council. Members were unable to agree a position on the application following a confused Planning meeting, dominated by lease discussions.

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Mampitts Lane ‘Bus Gate’ Divides Councillor Opinion

Pound Lane residents have told Shaftesbury Town Council why they want the controversial Mampitts Lane bus gate installed. They shared their safety concerns at Tuesday’s Planning and Highways Meeting, but not all councillors back blocking this route to through traffic.

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