Plans To Mark Four Centuries Of Shaftesbury Button-Making

In the 17th century, 4,000 people in the Shaftesbury area were employed making buttons.

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Hilltop History – The Historic Sideboard That Brought Visitors To Shaftesbury

Bob Kelley tells the story of a unique and very valuable piece of furniture, which was once used to promote Shaftesbury.

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Peter Stanier On The Story Behind Shaftesbury’s Cast Iron Grave Markers

We’re used to seeing gravestones in our churchyards and cemeteries. But have you paid much attention to cast iron markers?

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Hilltop History – Was There A Castle On Shaftesbury’s Castle Hill?

Was there a castle on Shaftesbury’s Castle Hill? Alfred’s Alex Wynter has been investigating.

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Hilltop History – Episode 7

Listen to episode 7 of Alfred’s weekly ‘Hilltop History’ show, presented by Ann Taylor. Read More

May Day Traditions In Shaftesbury And Ansty

Alfred marks May Day with music and an insight into the ancient celebration.

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St James Man Keen To Learn About His Friendly House Ghost

A St James Street resident says there is a ghost in his house – or at least, that’s what people keep telling him.

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The Shaftesbury History Revealed In Scribblings On A High Street Wall

The upper floors of The Dorset Store on Shaftesbury High Street were once used by a soft furnishing business.

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