David Burnett On Zig Zag Hill’s History

Dorset historian and publisher David Burnett shares his research into the history of Zig Zag Hill.

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Dorset Dialect And Tales Of Haymaking With John Cluett

John Cluett reads a summery poem by Dorset poet William Barnes in traditional Dorset dialect.

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Robert Mullins’ Shaftesbury History – Petrol Sales And Public Loos On The High Street

Robert Mullins shares more stories that reveal how much our town has changed within living memory.

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Melbury Abbas History With Rodney Atwood

Melbury Abbas-based historian Rodney Atwood shares stories about the village’s rich agricultural heritage and some of the people who helped to shape the parish.

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Dave Hardiman On The Harsh Treatment Of A 19th Century Shaftesbury Single Mum

Gold Hill Museum volunteer Dave Hardiman has been researching his family’s history, and shares the sad story of Hannah, his great-great-great-grandmother.

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New High Street Market Trader Is Selling Shaftesbury’s History

Shaftesbury resident Peter Horne is the latest trader to join Shaftesbury’s High Street Market each Thursday.

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Historian David Burnett On Shaftesbury’s Ancient Routes And Roman Roads

Historian David Burnett uncovers more history of the Shaftesbury area.

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Shaftesbury History With Robert Mullins – Gasometers And Grazing On Park Walk’s Slopes

Shaftesbury historian Robert Mullins reveals how our town has changed within living memory.

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Hilary Townsend – What A West Stour Pupil’s Schoolbook Reveals About Victorian North Dorset

North Dorset historian and author Hilary Townsend tells Alfred about a schoolbook belonging to her great uncle George Rabbett.