Soundscapes – Swallows On Cole’s Lane By Nick Crump

Nick Crump brings us our first 2021 recording of swallows.

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Soundscapes – Dawn Chorus At Castle Hill

Nick Crump brings us the sounds of the dawn chorus at Shaftesbury’s Castle Hill.

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Soundscapes – A Great Tit At East Melbury

A great tit recorded on Monday afternoon at East Melbury.

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North Dorset Nature – From Alfred – Episode 3

Join us for this week’s edition of Alfred’s North Dorset Nature show.
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Soundscapes – A Blackbird On Breach Lane

The wonderful spring-time sound of a blackbird’s song.

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A Birdwatching Walk From Shaftesbury’s Foyle Hill With Alex Chapman

The founder of the Shaftesbury Bird and Wildlife Group, Alex Chapman, takes us on a birdwatching stroll from Foyle Hill.

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Soundscapes – Birdsong And The St James Church Clock Chimes

Nick Crump captures the distinctive chime of St James Church and birdsong. Read More

A Robin On Gascoigne’s Lane

Listen to an impressive performance by a robin on Shaftesbury’s Gascoigne’s lane, as a jogger runs past!

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