Why A Semley Landowner Has Blocked A Footpath – The Parish Council Is Displeased

Semley Parish Council has heard that a footpath has been closed at Lower Liston Farm.

Cllr Andrew Ebens compared the use of barbed wire to block this right-of-way with parking a car in the middle of the A50.

Landowner Graham Colwill told Alfred he’ll restore the route when the COVID-19 threat passes. Graham says he wouldn’t walk close to somebody else’s property during the pandemic as a matter of courtesy. And he expects the same consideration. But he says walkers have strayed from the path as they crossed his land.

This path closure has been reported to Wiltshire Council by the parish. Graham confirms he has spoken with a footpath office and expects that the path will be closed temporarily. Mr Colwill says that some of the route is permissive – he permits its use voluntarily.