Have Your Say In Breach Common Management Consultation

A detailed 38-page plan for managing Breach Common has been published and your views on it are being sought.

The report suggests how to increase the range of plants and wildlife across the 11 acres of common land.

Alfred’s Jon Corry met Shaftesbury Open Spaces Group chairman John Parker on the common to discuss the plan. “None of us want this to be turned into a park,” said John.

The Breach Common Plan (which you can read here) recommends continuing scrub removal and Himalayan balsam clearance, scraping the pond to ensure depth through the year and introducing grazing animals. It suggests introducing bat, bird and dormouse boxes. Rare great crested newts have been found on the common and a survey will focus on those reptiles later this year.

The group needs to complete its initial work by the end of February before the bird nesting season starts. A Zoom consultation and question-and-answer session is being held at 6pm on 4th February. If you want to join, email