Motcombe’s Port Regis School Creates ‘Own Form Of Rewilding’

Rewilding has become popular since Isabella Tree, who grew up near Shaftesbury, published her book on letting nature and wildlife ‘manage’ the landscape to increase biodiversity.

Jemima Mills

Since Christmas, Jemima Mills has created her form of rewilding for Port Regis School. “We’ve got to function as a school,” she told Alfred. “We’re probably doing a sort of lighter touch rewilding, because we still need beautiful sports pitches for kids to play on and play sport.”

A sheep enclosure

Jemima moved to the Motcombe private school last year, when her husband Titus took on the headship. “We’re really interpreting rewilding, in a broader sense, in that it’s reconnecting the whole school community back to nature,” she said. Alfred went to have a look.