Plant A Free Snowdrop For Your Dad This Father’s Day In Shaftesbury

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and the Shaftesbury Snowdrops Festival team is inviting locals to mark the occasion by planting bulbs to say ‘thanks’ to their dads.

It’s the seventh time this free event has been arranged. Organiser Pam Cruikshank says the bulb planting brings people together.

“Families are welcome and we invite the children who are at boarding school. Anyone who wants to come may do so,” Pam says.

“In the following year they return and see the snowdrops that they planted to remember their grandfather or to tell dad that they love them. Whatever was in their minds when they planted the bulbs,” Pam adds.

It’s touching when children return to see how their bulbs have grown. “I had the pleasure of seeing one little girl plant snowdrops and then the next February she returned with her parents to show her father where she had planted them on Pine Walk.”

If Dad lives outside the Shaftesbury area, there’s an opportunity for his son or daughter to show how they’ve celebrated Father’s Day. “We give the children cards, so if they are staying at the boarding school or they are away from home for some reason they can send postcards saying ‘I planted a Shaftesbury Snowdrop for you’. It’s a really nice way of getting our early-season planting done and involving the community,” Pam said.

Sunday’s event takes place in the Queen Mother Garden, at the side of Castle Hill in Shaftesbury, between 10am and 12 noon.

Bee expert Brigit Strawbridge has given the Snowdrop team her blessing for the crowds to plant more snowdrops in the pollinator garden there.

Pam says all you need to do is turn up – everything you need will be provided. “We supply bulbs, gloves, tools and wipes. You just need to come with your family or on your own if you like. Last year the guys from Aroma, the Indian restaurant in town, were walking past and they came to plants some snowdrops,” says Pam.

“It is a nice experience and just adds to Shaftesbury’s reputation as a snowdrop town.”