Residents Support Plans For Breach Common

Last night (Thursday), we were offered an opportunity to share our views on Darwin Ecology’s plans for managing Breach Common.

Locals backed their management proposals during the online Zoom event.

Mike Cummins and Mariko White told Alfred what happens now. “The report details this first phase of what we’d like to achieve, just starting to open up the areas, and it talks a bit about the long term plan of hoping to establish a grazing scheme, so that we can replace human management with a more naturalistic form of animal management in the future,” said Mike.

Breach Common

Darwin Ecology will remove bramble and scrub and rip out invasive species like Himalayan balsam. They will also manage the ponds – potential habits for important reptiles including great crested newts.

One resident raised concerns over bramble removal because some birds nest there. You’ll hear how the project team will address this in our report.

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