The ‘Shaftesbury Loop’ – Our Town’s Safer Cycling Circuit Has Opened

Shaftesbury’s new ‘ring road’ for cyclists and walkers has opened.

The ‘Shaftesbury Loop’ is the first stage in a project to connect our community with a safer, sustainable travel circuit which avoids busier roads.

Yesterday, over 170 waymarking signs were placed by volunteers and Shaftesbury Town Council staff. Listen to our interview to learn more about the project from mayor Andy Hollingshead, council officer Brie Logan and Planet Shaftesbury volunteers, John Nelson and Christina Strickland.

Shaftesbury mayor Andy Hollingshead

The circular route links Royal Chase roundabout, Hawkesdene Lane, St James’ St, Breach Lane, Enmore Green, Tout Hill, Bell Street, Wincombe Lane, The Maltings and Salisbury Road.

As you’ll hear, there are plans to improve cyclists’ experience on a hilly part of the route and link neighbouring villages.