Shaftesbury History – The Tragic Family Loss Behind Enmore Green’s War Memorial

Shaftesbury has two main war memorials – at Park Walk and just outside the secondary school. Alfred’s Alex Wynter has been looking at a third memorial, that stands at the bottom of The Knapp in Enmore Green.

Left to right, is Nigel Weir, Graham Weir and John Weir, the two brothers and their father, whose names are on the war memorial in Enmore Green.

Alex uncovers the poignant story of the Wiers, one of the families it commemorates. He talks with Reverend Amiel Osmaston about her relatives’ tragic wartime experiences and the important role St John’s Church played in their lives.

Mamie in 1940, before Nigel was killed, and in the mid-1960s.

Anna’s wedding at St John’s Church. She’s wearing the dress made from parachute silk.