Wareham To Shaftesbury Path Officially Opened With Special Recipe Cake

The 30-mile St Edward’s Way pilgrimage route was officially launched yesterday, Saturday.

The walkers arrive at the top of Gold Hill

The walk links Wareham with Shaftesbury. It follows the journey taken by the procession which carried the body of murdered King Edward the Martyr. He was killed at Corfe Castle in 978.

Edward was initially buried at Wareham, but it’s thought that his remains were moved for political reasons. In 2019, Professor Barbara York who specialises in this period of history told Alfred that Wareham’s coastal location meant it was at risk of invasions and the Saxons would not want to lose the bones of a king who’d been made a saint.

Sara Jacson

Sara’s pilgrim cake

This pilgrimage walk was recreated in 1979 by the late Shaftesbury GP, Dr Geoffrey Tapper, and the Bishop of Sherborne, John Kirkham. Yesterday, Bishop Karen Gorham led around thirty walkers who were treated to slices of Sara Jacson’s special pilgrim cake when they arrived at the Abbey.