Wartime Shaftesbury – Letters Reveal Shaftesbury Area Bombing Before The Blitz

Previously on Alfred, Alex Wynter shared the story behind the Enmore Green memorial that commemorates the Weirs.

The lamp marks the loss in the Second World War of Wing Commander Graham Weir and his two sons, Flying Officer Nigel Weir and Major John Weir.

The Weir family in summer 1939, at Pensbury (John, Anna, Nigel, Graham and Mamie, with the second sister, Diana, behind the camera), before the start of World War Two, in which all the men were lost.

A photo of Gold Hill taken by a member of the Weir family on the eve of the Second World War, soon after they moved into Pensbury House.

Ron Moore, Mr Gumbeton, Mamie and Diana soon after war was declared, discussing how to fence off the vegetable garden to keep out rabbits.

In Alex’s report, you’ll hear how letters their mother, Mamie Weir, exchanged with her husband provide a fascinating glimpse of life in wartime Shaftesbury, especially in 1939 and 1940. Surprisingly, our area was bombed before the London Blitz.