Alfred Launches Daily Shaftesbury ‘Radio’ Programme 

ThisIsAlfred is launching a new, daily podcast to keep residents of Shaftesbury and the surrounding villages up-to-date during the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Ok. This is quite big for us. Alfred’s radio station will launch next year. We can’t get on FM any faster – there are lots of slow, boring ‘red tape’ procedures to follow. But we know that people in our town and villages are feeling weird and unsettled right now.

We’re going to try something rather brave! From tomorrow, Alfred is launching a 30-minute daily, online radio programme for Shaftesbury and our neighbouring villages. This show will be broadcast 7 days-a-week. You’ll be able to listen to it whenever you want, on demand.

The show will be called The Alfred Daily. The broadcast will feature essential news and interviews from official local sources. We promise we’re not going to be gloomy or scary. We will tell you what our local shops, businesses and community volunteers are doing to help us get through this. And we will also bring you some of the heart-warming and happy stories from our community.

We know how tough self-isolation is. We’re going to try to help people feel connected to the area they love so much. We will aim to bring ‘the outside in’ to your home.

We’ll have daily segments where local experts will talk about the changing seasons, local wildlife and nature. One of our team, Nick Crump, has made some incredibly calming recordings of the countryside sounds and bird songs on our doorstep. Margaret and John Cluett will share their Shaftesbury memories. We have a lot of interesting features planned to engage, entertain and inform you, 7 days-a-week. And it’s all going to be really local.

We will post The Alfred Daily on our social media, on the website, YouTube (audio only!), podcast channels and we’ll make sure it’s available on Alexa. You will also be able to hear the show wherever you get your podcasts.

All our team are unpaid volunteers and we’re not taking any advertising on this service. Please bear with us if things are not perfect to begin with. We just think that reminding our residents what a wonderful place this is, on a daily basis, will help us all get through this together. Tell us if you want to appear on the show. Come on for a chat and tell us how you’re getting on by contacting us at

For a preview, click the link at the top of this page.

In the meantime, Stay Safe Shaftesbury.

The Alfred Team