Alfred Daily

The Alfred Daily – 11th May 2021

On today’s show: Arts Centre planning Shaftesbury variety show | Melbury Abbas Neighbourhood Plan ready | Dorset nature boosts mental well-being | Wildflower highway planned for North Dorset bees | Travel to London is easier | Dirty Nails’ gardening | Shaftesbury jobs and events | A robin singing on Coles Lane

The Alfred Daily – 10th May 2021

On today’s show: North Dorset bin collections changing | Local farmers help farmland birds | ‘Wiltshire’s best cakes’ at Sedgehill plant sale | Shaftesbury what’s ons | Shaftesbury exhibition of iconic sporting artist | Jackie and Jeanette’s 70s memories | Mampitts Road free books | Blackbird song on Breach Lane

The Alfred Daily – 9th May 2021

On today’s show: Fairtrade Shaftesbury | New police commissioner’s rural crime plan | Election results from the Wiltshire parish elections | New Motcombe festival | Alan Stainer shares his memories | More catalytic converter thefts | Shaftesbury area events | Kate and Karren chat | Barkley Johnson reads ‘The Caretaker’ | Soundscapes – honey bees on Breach Lane

The Alfred Daily – 8th May 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury’s new town councillor | 87% of voters back Shaftesbury Neighbourhood Plan | Shaftesbury student to appear on Countryfile | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Kate Scott’s chicken keeping diary | Tom Perrett walks Compton Abbas | Shaftesbury what’s ons | Karen Cole’s book review | Soundscapes – farming at Charlton

The Alfred Daily – 7th May 2021

On today’s show: The return of Shaftesbury’s swifts celebrated | Maltings roads will be adopted soon | Fibre internet for Melbury and Guys Marsh this year | Busy Shaftesbury-area road to close | Belle Street plan winery gig | Shaftesbury what’s ons | School academy trustee wanted | Soundscapes -a woodpecker and sheep at Rushmore Woods

The Alfred Daily – 6th May 2021

On today’s show: Action needed over Maltings rats | Shaftesbury’s war memorials | Italian trials alfresco dining | Shaftesbury artist Eric Bailey | Cartoons to keep kids safe | Laura Langley on Aquafit | Shaftesbury what’s ons | Sunset on Park Walk

The Alfred Daily – 5th May 2021

On today’s show: Dorset Council cultural strategy | Shaftesbury mayor re-elected | Green Party Dorset PCC candidate | Free kit for Shaftesbury litter pickers | Meet Mary Myers’ new ducklings | May in North Dorset farming | Dawn chorus on Coppice Street

The Alfred Daily – 4th May 2021

On today’s show: St John’s Hill HGV ban eligibility test | Shaftesbury’s documentary maker Mark Kidel | Celebration of Shaftesbury button-making | Wildlife friendly gardener Dirty Nails | Dorset’s Labour Police Commissioner candidate | Breach Common birdsong

The Alfred Daily – 3rd May 2021

On today’s show: Appeal for witnesses to fatal accident | Shaftesbury woman’s TV judge debut | Reduced town centre speed limit fails | Staycationing Brits want to see Gold Hill | Shaftesbury fire crew rescue cat | Emma Vallender’s free book exchange | A goldfinch on Umbers Hill

The Alfred Daily – 2nd May 2021

On today’s show: Latest Shaftesbury COVID-19 rates | Shaftesbury’s cast iron grave markers | Collisions close A350 and B3081 | Seeing red over St James yellow lines | Kate and Karren discuss 1938 cookbook | Barkley Johnson’s story ‘A Series of Unrelated Events’ | Nightfall at Duncliffe Woods