Alfred Daily

The Alfred Daily – 16th April 2021

On today’s show: Magazine promotion for Shaftesbury shops | Significant support for St Mary’s School plan | Grants for local agriculture students | Celebrating Fontmell’s St Andrew’s Primary | Shaftesbury what’s ons | Shaftesbury Abbey’s herb garden with Julie Wood | A nuthatch and a blackcap in Duncliffe Woods

The Alfred Daily – 15th April 2021

On today’s show: Gore Clump junction improvements | Shaftesbury shopkeeper’s YouTube success | Motcombe protects hedgehogs | Collyer’s Brook – Fontmell’s special stream | Shaftesbury what’s ons | A great tit on Breach Common

The Alfred Daily – 14th April 2021

On today’s show: Motcombe solar plant plan | Spine road debate delayed | TIC wants to talk tourism with council | Shaftesbury’s busiest shopkeeper | Old Salisbury Street signpost | Mary Myers’ Wardour smallholding | Kids playing at Enmore Green

The Alfred Daily – 13th April 2021

On today’s show: Woman charged after Sunday morning’s incident | Planners approve new Shaftesbury supermarket | BV Dairy increases production | Racing bikes at Littledown | Motcombe features in walking festival | Road to Shaftesbury beauty spot resurfaced | Shaftesbury’s wildlife-friendly gardener Dirty Nails | Shaftesbury poet Richard Foreman | A wren near Budden’s Lane

The Alfred Daily – 12th April 2021

On today’s show: Fundraiser for justice for Semley police officer | West Melbury vineyard visitor centre opens | Café culture returns to Shaftesbury | More books at Mampitts Road exchange | Shaftesbury fitness centre reopens | Hedgerow litter in Shaftesbury art exhibition | Munching pigs in Twyford

The Alfred Daily – 11th April 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury area COVID-19 rates | Blackmore Vale GPs progress with second jabs | Shaftesbury pubs prepare for outdoor opening | Enmore Green’s gas lamp war memorial | Kate and Karren chat ‘over the garden fence’ | Barkley Johnson’s short story | A chaffinch in Enmore Green

The Alfred Daily – 10th April 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury’s tribute to Prince Phillip | Oasis Pool reveals summer plan | Shaftesbury High Street shop changes hands | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Shaftesbury what’s ons | An East Knoyle walk | Kate Scott’s chicken keeping diary | Karen Cole reviews ‘Hunted’ by Alex Knight | Soundscapes – water under the A350 bridge at Cann

The Alfred Daily – 9th April 2021

On today’s show: Mayor wants Gold Hill watchdog formed | Shaftesbury homes selling at above asking price | Two candidates for Shaftesbury by-election | Shaftesbury British Legion group’s plans | National chain buys Shaftesbury High Street shop | Artist encouraging us to see Cranborne Chase differently | Herbalist Julie Wood on benefits of vine and bramble | Greenfinches on Foyle Hill

The Alfred Daily – 8th April 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury printers fire | Snowdrops and apple events for Springhead | Shaftesbury’s new tourism website set to launch | Former Shaftesbury man stars in BBC show | Complete your census says Shaftesbury genealogist | Melbury Abbas Parish Council reacts to Dinah’s Hollow news | A swan chases a goose at Melbury

The Alfred Daily – 7th April 2021

On today’s show: Green light for Dinah’s Hollow works | Dorset Council could absorb BCP’s housing | First outdoor walk since lockdown | Art brings Abbey to life | Shaftesbury’s pizza man – Tim Henry | Mary Myer’s sheep | Cancer Research reopening | Interactive drama for Motcombe | Birdsong on the Sturkle