Alfred Daily

The Alfred Daily – 27th September 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury Tree Festival will return | Mini autumn festival at the Abbey | Donheads woman to run London Marathon for charity that saved her | Diversions and delays on the A350 and B3091 | Shaftesbury what’s ons | Heavy horses show in Motcombe | Springhead Trust funding appeal | Soundscapes – Sparrows on Haime’s Lane

The Alfred Daily – 26th September 2021

On today’s show: A new look for Shaftesbury verges | New men support group follows Cann Festival | Shaftesbury covid figures | The ghost tree of Park Walk | Anne Philpott visits Shaftesbury’s first drag night | Kate and Karren chat ‘over the garden fence’ | A ghostly Sunday short story by Jenny Parker | Soundscapes – Morning on Foyle Hill

The Alfred Daily – 25th September 2021

On today’s show: MP Simon Hoare addresses Melbury villagers | No fuel shortage say Dorset Police | Cann Festival today | Wincombe tip alters opening hours | Shaftesbury dance project is Fringe winner | St James’ filmmaker hosts Tree Festival screening | Why Semley’s new vicar wanted the job | Meet my pet –half Italian greyhound ‘Daisy’ | Tom Perrett’s walk of the week – Tollard Royal | Shaftesbury weekend what’s ons | Karen Cole reviews ‘Black Reed Bay’ | Ivy bees at Foyle Hill

The Alfred Daily – 24th September 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury pupils showcase Dorset’s digital future | A year-round Oasis Pool? | Walks and art at Shaftesbury Tree Fest | Shaftesbury Carnival remembered | Shaftesbury singer makes directing debut | | Shaftesbury Author Robin Walter on his ‘Living With Trees’ talk| Shaftesbury what’s ons| Coal tits on Park Walk

The Alfred Daily – 23rd September 2021

On today’s show: Council review of Two Brewers’ pub licence | Terracyle recycler Alison Harding | Grant extends Shaftesbury dementia service | Town Council grants | Alfred on FM is on the way | Palida Choir launch tree festival weekend | Shaftesbury poet Richard Foreman | Soundscapes – A Tawny owl and a roe deer

The Alfred Daily – 22nd September 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury Town council debates glyphosate weedkiller | Vending machine thefts | Shaftesbury scarecrow competition | Motcombe parent hopes school traffic solution is near | Motcombe’s super sunflower | Mary’s Wardour smallholding ducks | Dawn on Coppice Street

The Alfred Daily – 21st September 2021

On today’s show: A new home for Shaftesbury refillables shop | Dorset Council urges householders to recycle more | Dorset Chamber hosts menopause seminar for men | Shaftesbury donkey sanctuary surprises special fan | Dog show and heavy horses this weekend | Shaftesbury what’s ons and jobs | Shaftesbury Library celebrates trees | Park Walk cake sale for Macmillan | Wildlife-friendly gardener Dirty Nails | Grey squirrels gathering hazelnuts

The Alfred Daily – 20th September 2021

On today’s show: Nettlecombe residents take action on suspected arson | High Street closure in October | Berwick St John Bash | Supplying wildflower meadows from Donhead | Autumn plans for Fontmell’s Friendship Garden | Shaftesbury what’s ons | Soundscapes – House sparrows chat in a Shaftesbury hedge

The Alfred Daily – 19th September 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury play in big game versus Bath | Community purchase of Fontmell shop progresses | Covid rates drop in most of Shaftesbury area | Kate and Karren chat about Bleke Street tree fall | Shaftesbury what’s ons and jobs | Hartgrove writer Barkley Johnson reads ‘Red Hair’ | Close-up mic on a Breach Lane bird table

The Alfred Daily – 18th September 2021

On today’s show: Town councillors want to block another Airbnb | Walkers urged to respond to Dorset footpath survey | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Kate Scott and her pet chickens | Tom Perrett’s Walk of the Week | Shaftesbury what’s ons and job vacancies | Meet My Pet – A Breach Lane kitten | Blogger Karen Cole recommends a thriller set in Wiltshire | Soundscapes – Birdsong at The Wilderness