Alfred Podcast – Episode 04

This time on Alfred, the podcast for Shaftesbury, The Vale and Chase areas of North Dorset and West Wiltshire:

The Hilltop Litter Pickers voluntarily keep our town tidy. And now the thirty-strong group has been given the first ever Rachel Caldwell Award in recognition of their service. We meet the group, learn what they do and hear their ideas on how to drastically reduce litter. And where are Shaftesbury’s litter hot spots? (00.30)

A group of Shaftesbury creative writers has written a short selection of stories inspired by the town. ‘Shaftesbury Tales’ will be published as a book and performed as part of Shaftesbury Fringe. Alfred talks with writers Jenny Parker and Richard Foreman. (08.10)

A new supermarket could be built on Shaftesbury’s Cattle Market site. But why don’t they use the empty former Co-Op store on Bell Street instead? Local retailer David Perry explains why. Some locals think that Marks and Spencer would be suitable for the unoccupied Bell Street store. David doesn’t think that M&S would be interested. He tells us why. And Royal British Legion Chairman Robin Miller offers his local solution for occupying the empty unit. (11.20)

If your neighbour has a wonderful garden, report them… to Shaftesbury in Bloom! Derek Beer talks about the categories and nomination process as his group prepares to recognise Shaftesbury locals who have put effort into their outdoor spaces. (15.15)

We take a tour of one of Shaftesbury’s most inspiring private gardens, tucked away on St James St. Andi Blows takes Alfred around her incredible garden that features a ‘secret’ pond, hidden behind a high hedge archway. (18.40)

Many Shaftesbury area clubs, groups and organisations filled the Town Hall for the first Civic Day. We chat to some of them, listen to the Shaftesbury Community Choir and meet the voluntary group that will help you keep fit and make new friends! The event was a success and it will become a regular fixture of North Dorset life. (21.00)

In the autumn, MPs could vote to abolish North Dorset’s Parliamentary constituency. If the change takes place, the new seat will cover Shaftesbury and Warminster. South West Wiltshire MP Dr Andrew Murrison thinks that this change could bring benefits to Shaftesbury, The Vale and Chase. He explains why. And as we prepare for the dissolution of the current North Dorset and Dorset Councils, Andrew shares his experience of Wiltshire’s journey towards a unitary authority. (29.17)