Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 37

Why a Shaftesbury business has been voted the Best in Britain | The mysterious objects that have arrived at a Shaftesbury hotel | Pop-up themed restaurant is planned | The Shaftesbury mum surprised by the success of her running forum | TV Beauty expert Liz Earle talks the menopause at Shaftesbury Arts Centre | How a St James incident has brought out the best in the community

This time on Alfred, the podcast for Shaftesbury, The Vale and Chase areas of North Dorset and West Wiltshire:

A Shaftesbury business is voted the Best in Britain by readers of a national magazine. ThisIsAlfred meets Paul Hopkins of Blackmore Vale Leisure and hears how this family business has won awards over two consecutive years because of their emphasis on customer service. You might be surprised to hear how their Sherborne Causeway premises were once used in the 1960s! (00:27)

The mystery of the heirlooms abandoned outside a Shaftesbury hotel. We head down the steps to the cellar of the Grosvenor Arms Hotel to see the military medals that have been kept under lock and key on police advice, since they were discovered outside. (05:47)

A Shaftesbury café’s themed pop-up nights could encourage people into town. We chat with the team from the High Street Bakery about their experimental food evenings and Sunday brunch ideas. (08:19)

We meet Laura Langley, the Shaftesbury mum who has set up a running forum for a release from the pressures of family life. Laura is excited by the response she’s had in a very short time. (13:38)

TV health and beauty expert, entrepreneur Liz Earle, is sharing advice about the menopause at Shaftesbury Arts Centre. We talk to Liz and hear what she would have liked to tell her sixteen-year-old self. And Liz explains why she has such a strong connection with our area. She reveals that she is a huge fan of the Shaftesbury area’s local food and produce. (17:40)

Five cars were written off in an early morning incident in St James. Alfred meets the residents who are proud of how the strong community spirit of their Shaftesbury street has shone through during this difficult event. (30:56)