Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 53

We meet the Semley businessman making a success of tree climbing events at summer festivals | Peking to Paris in a Pink Rolls Royce – a fundraiser for a church in The Donheads | Why overseas students come to Shaftesbury to learn English | Shaftesbury’s swimming pool offers water-based fitness sessions | Shaftesbury Fringe uses street art to promote its 179 performances

This time on Alfred, the podcast for Shaftesbury, The Vale and Chase areas of North Dorset and West Wiltshire:

Alfred meets the Semley tree-climbing expert touring England’s summer festivals. We spend the morning at Stourhead, where Mark Hawes is giving some Motcombe schoolchildren the opportunity of scaling a tulip tree. He explains how he left the London rat-race for a new life in the Shaftesbury area. And Mark says that his business is reaching new heights! (00:24)

Tales of Peking to Paris in a pink Rolls-Royce will raise funds for a church in The Donheads. Alfred visits Sir John Stuttard in his St James home to meet ‘Harrison’, a beautiful classic car and hear ‘his’ story. (08:17)

Alfred visits Wincombe Park and chats with Phoebe Fortescue who operates a summer English school for overseas students. We were interested to hear what surprises the teenagers about Shaftesbury. (19:17)

Water-based workouts are proving popular at the improved Shaftesbury Oasis Pool. Alfred meets Claire and Laura, who are offering Aquafit sessions in the warm waters of the outdoor pool as part of the Town Council’s goal to better promote the Oasis Pool’s benefits. (28:11)

Street art will showcase the best of Shaftesbury Fringe. Alfred chats with Rob Neely and James Thrift about the eye-catching art installations that will be used to promote Fringe shows in the town centre. (32:37)