Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 68

The Donheads and Shaftesbury celebrate Thomas Hardy with a new festival | We meet the couple who tackle isolation through Shaftesbury Car Link | Semley’s Glad Rags fancy dress shop closes | The American artists who have fallen in love with Shaftesbury | Award success for BV Dairy

This time on Alfred, the podcast for Shaftesbury, The Vale and Chase areas of North Dorset and West Wiltshire:

Shaftesbury and The Donheads celebrate Thomas Hardy with a film, feast and guided walk. Alfred talks to the event organisers. (00:24)

Martin and June Hull are a Shaftesbury couple arranging transport to tackle locals’ social isolation through Shaftesbury Car Link. They volunteer and they have paid for their new accessible vehicle themselves. (10:33)

It’s the final curtain for Semley’s fancy dress store. Its owner reveals Shaftesbury’s most popular outfits and costumes that nobody wants to hire. Jan Klakus explains why Gladrags is shutting shop. (20:39)

Why six visiting American artists will be selling Shaftesbury to their social media fans when they returned to the States. (28:45)

BV Dairy, one of Shaftesbury’s biggest employers is officially best in the south-west. We chat to MD Jim Highnam about the company’s award success. (33:10)