Listen To Alfred – Life In Shaftesbury – Episode 93

Shaftesbury shops collaborate in COVID-19 response | Decorating Shaftesbury lamp posts to lift people’s spirits | Shaftesbury’s churches stream services for first time | A new Shaftesbury forum is tackling shortages | How Shaftesbury and the surrounding villages are supporting self-isolating locals

This time on Alfred, the podcast for Shaftesbury, The Vale and Chase areas of North Dorset and West Wiltshire:

Shaftesbury’s independent traders are rising to the COVID-19 challenge. (00:27)

Alfred meets the woman decorating lampposts to lift Shaftesbury’s spirits. (08:51)

Shaftesbury Sunday worship will be broadcast worldwide. (13:39)

A new Shaftesbury online forum is tackling shortages. (18:10)

Self-isolating residents of Shaftesbury and the villages will be supported. (22.21)