A Footpath Shortcut Will Better Connect Some Parts Of The Maltings

A new walking route that will reduce the journey between the Maltings, Shaftesbury Primary School and the Wincombe Recreation Ground has been backed by Town councillors.

Persimmon have offered to cut a hole in the fence next to the close called The Bluebells. Shaftesbury Town Council has received two quotes for associated work, one from Persimmon’s contractor, who will join up the path with the circuit around the Wincombe for just under £4,000. A second quote from another company is for around £1,000 less. Councillors want Persimmon’s contract to offer a ‘price match’.

The Bluebells

Cllr Peter Yeo urged members to accept the Persimmon rate as, ‘it’ll be done to the same standard’, as their existing work. Councillors were inflexible on price, so if the developer’s builder does not reduce their rate, the work could go elsewhere.

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